What's PrisonNet?

Ministry Background

We represent an outgrowth of a long-term prison ministry in the Boston area at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Concord. We are non-denominational, with participants from several local churches. We are strongly evangelical in our theology and practice. Over a 25-year period, more than 200 volunteers and more than 20,000 inmates have participated in weekly Bible study sessions. About 90 -100 men participate regularly. The prison chaplain maintains a continuing waiting list for those who want to participate whenever spaces open up in our group. Read about our meeting format under Bible Study Curriculum.

Ministry Goals

Our fundamental goal is to help prison inmates learn about Jesus Christ and His teachings, in the hope that they will decide to commit their lives to following Him as their personal Savior and Lord. We understand that such a decision comes through the ministry of the Holy Spirit; that personal salvation is a result of Christ's sacrifice, death, and resurrection; and that men's and women's lives are profoundly changed when they accept God's will and allow His Holy Spirit to guide their thoughts, words, and deeds. It is the power of God that gives us (both inmates and volunteers) the ability to withstand temptation and be victorious over sin.

Ministry Materials

Our lesson materials are drawn directly from the Bible, especially from the teachings and parables of Jesus Himself. We have found lessons built around this material are the most powerful and effective, which has led us to a deeper appreciation of why Jesus chose to teach in this way. These materials are summarized on our Bible Study Curriculum page. The copyrights are held by PrisonNet, but license to use them will be granted to ministries for which they are appropriate. If you are interested in using these materials in your ministry, please send a message to webmaster@prisonnet.org including a detailed description of your ministry.

Ministry Expansion

This Web site is aimed at encouraging the development of similar ministries in other prisons, in other regions of the US, and perhaps in additional countries as well. We don't sell anything, nor do we solicit funds. We want to share information with other groups with similar goals. We want to provide ways for groups to share information with us and with each other. Ultimately, we want to develop a network of churches, groups, and organizations within which we and other PrisonNet participants can refer prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families with confidence in the soundness and effectiveness of all the ministries involved.

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