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About PrisonNet

Bible Study Curriculum Overview

Living in God's Kingdom (complete)
Growing in Christ
Being Part of the Church


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What's PrisonNet?

Bible studies and other resource materials

Starting an in-prison ministry

  • Working with the prison chaplain
  • Dealing with the prison administration
  • Recruiting, screening, and training volunteers
  • Self-study materials for volunteers
  • Do's and Don'ts

Follow-up ministry

  • Residential and "halfway house" programs
  • Local church support groups for ex-inmates
  • Local church support groups for families of inmates
  • Followup correspondence and encouragement

Prayer support ministry

Prison ministry organization contact information

Calendar of events

  • Special events, by region
  • Regular events, by region

This planned site contents list shows what kinds of thingsyou can expect to see over the coming weeks and months.

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