Leader's Key to Presenting These Lessons

The Bible Study Curriculum described below was developed for an in-prison presentation. It combines interactive lecture and small-group discussion formats. It assumes that the participants represent a wide range of backgrounds, from those who have no knowledge of the Bible to those with considerable knowlege. It is designed for a total of about 45 minutes of lecture and discussion time, with the rest of the time devoted to singing and prayer. For additional information, see the PrisonNet Curriculum page.

No single approach can possibly fit every prison ministry situation. To understand our curriculum, you need to understand the context in which it was developed. You'll need to adapt your approach to the situation you face.

Each lesson contains several types of color-coded information, as explained below.

Material in blue boxes contains suggestions for the leader. It is not intended to be read to the group.

Key Concepts

Material in yellow boxes represents key concepts that you should read and emphasize to the group. These concepts will referred to several times over a series of lessons.

Material in white boxes with blue lettering represents scripture passages that you should read to the group.

Scripture Reference

Text of the scripture passage.

Plain text -- not in any kind of box -- is material you should present to the group. Modify the wording, if necessary, so that it fits naturally with your presentation style.

Material in large white boxes represents hand-out materials for the group members. These include question sheets, like this, and take-home sheets.

Small-Group Discussion Questions

Main Scripture References

  1. First question
  2. Second question
  3. Third question

Follow-up Discussion

After the Small-Group Discussion Questions, you will find suggestions for answers to bring out during the Follow-up Discussion. These should not be presented as the official "right answers." Your groups may find insights that previous groups have not. But these are a pretty good "starter set" of answers to try to get the group to understand.

Take-home Thoughts About ...

Main Topic of the Lesson

This material is intended as a hand-out to give to the group at the end of the session. Before the group leaves, make sure everyone gets a copy. This will help them remember the things discussed in the lesson. Some of them may also use these handouts to explain the lesson to a cell-mate or in a letter they write to their families. You never know how far the lesson materials may travel, or whose life may be affected by them!

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